Laundry Love Update

“The Laundry Love initiative consists of regular opportunities to come alongside people who are struggling financially by assisting them with their laundry.”

That is the official definition of Laundry Love.What it is at Redeemer is also chance to form relationships with our neighbors and spread the love of Christ.

Since we started Laundry Love, we have had fifteen two hour sessions on Saturday mornings. We have washed loads of clothes and made friends with those who rely on the laundromat. Listed on the Laundry Love national registry, we have had calls from social workers who have clients in need. We have had people arrive by cab (no vehicle), and people who have pulled clothes out of vans that appear to be their home.

Our numbers show that we have done approximately 475 loads of laundry for about 170 people. We have spent approximately $1,650 on laundry and $40 on snacks and bottled water. Because of generous contributions of quarters from both church members and friends who have heard about our initiative, we still have a large part of our grant money left. (Our grant $3,000 from our Diocese.)

We have had nine adult church members, two friends, and two youth work with us. For more information about Laundry Love, contact Margie Hankinson: