From your Vestry

From Senior Warden Jack Blackburn (June 2023)

It is Monday morning, May 22 nd and I sit at my kitchen table enjoying my third cup of
coffee. The TV is blurting out the morning news which is remarkedly like yesterday’s news
as well as the news of the days before that. We are constantly reminded of who is doing what to whom and when.

Then I notice yesterday’s bulletin; May 21, 2023, Seventh Sunday of Easter and I scan the front page and see names and titles. The bulletin recognizes people starting with the bishop on the front page and ending with the parish staff on the back page. In between these pages we read the names of vestry members, the names of those in need of prayers, those serving in the military as well as those studying in college. We also see the names of those celebrating birthdays and/or anniversaries. Then, we see who is taking part in the morning service as well as who is doing what next week. Lastly, we see a “who to contact” list just in case we want to volunteer.

What we do not see in the Sunday bulletin, nor anywhere else, are the names of the dedicated Redeemer volunteers; those who quietly serve in the background week after week, month after month, or on special occasions.

You know who you are and for all at Redeemer, I say thank you for all you do.

From Junior Warden Rick Hankinson (May 2023)

Here’s an update on Building and Grounds:

Recycling and shredding of old documents: We are making a big effort to do some Spring
cleaning. Old file discards have been consolidated to 11 boxes. The Manual of Business
Affairs for Church Offices was used as a guideline to dispose and keep appropriate
materials. The electronics are also being disposed of and recycled.

Kitchen Renovation: The Kitchen Committee (Janet Poleski, Dot Sanders, Ken Wood, Betty Boesch, Meg Coffey and Rick Hankinson) has done two waves of discarding surplus pots,
trays, etc. completed with the help of Lori and more is ongoing. With a successful silent auction and appropriated funds, we are deciding about the ceiling repair and other
renovations. One thought is a new dishwasher ($5000). The Hobart needs maintenance and
there are many people uncertain about the operation of that dishwasher.

Other miscellaneous updates: The faucet in the wall near the transept entrance is now
unlocked and drip contained. The sprinkler system is functioning. Homeless people walking
through the grounds are leaving debris…considering adding a garbage can outside.
Please note: It would be extremely helpful to have a person come forward to
coordinate the ongoing needs of the grounds.