Missions in the Community

The Samaritan House

The Samaritan House of Greenville was established almost 20 years ago by five Augusta Road churches. The goal of feeding those in need in our area remains today. Redeemer provides not only weekly volunteers, but a monthly stipend and “the food of the month,” collected from parishioners each week.  What was once a small bag of groceries for each of thirty plus people as grown to a variety of foodstuffs,  collected from a variety of places, that serves over 150 persons each week.  Learn more about The Samaritan House.

Pleasant Valley Connection

Pleasant Valley Connection, Inc. is a community center that offers activities, programs, assistance and more for residents of all ages through various social agencies.  In addition to financial support to the community center, Redeemer supports our neighbors in Pleasant Valley through angel tree offerings, back packs for school and other special activities.  Click here to go to Pleasant Valley Connection website.

Laundry Love

Laundry Love is a ministry that helps families lessen the financial burden of laundering clothes and linens. Redeemer has partnered with “The Laundry Center Launderette,” a local laundromat, to  provide detergent and coins for laundry  for a two-hour period once a month. To help in this ministry, bring your quarters on Sundays to fill up the collection box, and watch for the date of the next Laundry Love event – volunteers welcome!  For more information, please contact Margie Hankinson (864-569-2615)

Mother Theresa House

The Church of the Redeemer contributes to the work of Mother Theresa House, a mission of Our Lady of the Rosary church. This agency offers services such as emergency food assistance, nurse-based medical screenings, and referrals to many other assistance resources in Greenville. Learn more about Mother Theresa House.