Welcome to our website

Thank you for visiting our website. We are glad that your life has intersected with ours.
Here you will find information concerning The Church of the Redeemer and its life and ministries. Please take a minute or two to go deeper in order to discover our heart and faith. We hope that God is calling you to be part of His ongoing mission at Redeemer.

Please join us this coming Sunday for worship and fellowship. When you come, you will find:
1. A caring congregation that will joyfully welcome you and your family;
2. Preaching/Teaching, centered on the Word of God, that brings us to fullness of life and equips us to take God’s Love and Truth to the world. Your children will find a Sunday School experience full of joy designed to help them be loving family members, good friends, and excited Christians;
3. Ministries that call us beyond ourselves;
4. Authentic and meaningful worship that draws us into a closer and deeper relationship with God.
We invite you to come and embrace the Joy of the Lord.


The Church of the Redeemer