With the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina the Bishop will continue to do liturgies for confirmation and reception in local congregations during his regular visitation.

The question of who should be confirmed, who should be received, and who should be reaffirmed is not as complicated as it once was. The canons of the church have made this fairly simple in practical application:

Confirmation is:

  • for persons who were baptized as children in the Episcopal Church or who came to this church with their families before making a “mature commitment to the Christian faith,”
  • for newly baptized adults in order to receive the laying on of hands by the bishop at the earliest opportunity following their baptism, and
  • also appropriate for adults of any age who are making a mature commitment to the Christian faith for the first time.

Reception is:

  • for those who have previously made a mature commitment in any other Christian church

Since the canons require that all persons come “under the hands” of the bishop, persons who are received are, for canonical purposes, understood to be confirmed. In order to comply with the the canons and the spirit of church membership, the laying on of hands will be used for reception and reaffirmation as well as confirmation. All believers from other denominations who have already made a mature commitment to the Christian faith will be received, not confirmed.

For information on confirmation or reception, please contact Mtr. Catherine at 864-350-4270 or the church office/parish administrator at 864-277-4562.