Butterfly Garden Update

Which way do you drive into our church campus? If you drive from Augusta Road you’re missing the new landscaping that is in the process of being completed. And if you drive from Mauldin Road you still may be missing it….so SLOW down and smell the flowers! Flowers you say? Yes, there is a new butterfly garden in front of our church which will soon be full of beautiful flowers for everyone and every living thing to enjoy! Right now, pavers have been laid in the shape of a huge cross. This is in the area on the right where shrubs were previously located as you drive up the hill from Mauldin Rd. Benches will be placed in this area for anyone to sit and smell the flowers, or simply enjoy the view. The Garden club has been working on this for several months and it is so rewarding to see it coming to fruition. 

Take some time before or after church next Sunday to see the progress!!! 

—Jane Bouton, Garden Club

Our Junior Warden and Garden Club member, Celia Jernigan, at the foot of the cross in the butterfly garden.


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