Church Gets a New Organ

I am very happy to report that after much hard work the vestry has approved our new organ. Although it never seems to move forward at a fast enough pace, I am sure that you will be thrilled with the direction they have chosen. Over the past 24 months they have researched options, reviewed proposals, met with contractors, received professional input, and traveled to listened to existing organs as far away as Charlotte.
What was decided upon was an expanded version of an Allen electronic organ. The basic model replicates some of the most impressive organs from around the world. Along with this, our new organ will be expanded to include drawknobs for the stops instead of buttons and an antiphonal package that will enable the congregation to hear and feel the full impact of the music from both the front and the back of the sanctuary. Although the sound will come from hidden speakers that will blend into our current decor, the existing pipes will be retained to present the visual appearance of a traditional pipe organ.

When you get the chance, please thank your vestry members for their hard work. Making decision such as this is always fraught with energetic discussions and requires an attitude that puts the life of our congregation ahead of personal desires. They have done a great job of maximizing our worship, while keeping within very tight budgetary restraints.